Experienced and knowledgeable sales teams work in close partnership with our customers, providing them with value-added solutions and services to fulfil their business needs. Efficient distribution capabilities reflect our commitment to provide excellent customer service.

Today, printers and re-sellers to large companies, communication agencies and the tertiary sector trust JKL’s products & services.Our paper range consists of:

– Office and Print: Photocopy and Printing Paper:Xpress.

– Packaging: Coated Art Paper & Board, Coated Duplex Board, Ivory Board etc.

– Speciality Paper: Paper One Speciality Paper etc.

From paper products, the division has also evolved to distributing stationery products, bringing our customers the best of Asia and Europe international brands. These dependable brands include BIC, HELIX, OXFORD and PAPER ONE. They integrate both rich heritage and modern technology to develop excellent products.

Our stationery products range from writing and drawing instruments to office stationery, enabling us to cater to the needs of our customers at school, work and home.


BIC – Dealing with them since 1995. We manufacture BIC refillable gas lighters, and re-package BIC disposable shavers at our warehouse in Fiji. Apart from this we import various types of stationery items like pencils, highlighters, colouring pencils and markers. These items originate from France, Greece, United States of America and Australia and are imported by us from Australia and New Zealand for distribution in Fiji and other Pacific Islands.

PAPER ONE – We are the official importer of PAPER ONE products from April Mills. We import offset paper and coloured photocopying paper from BJ Ball who are the representative of April Mills for the South Pacific Region.

HELIX OXFORD – Is one of the oldest British Company and the first to manufacture drawing instruments. They manufacture the OXFORD mathematical set, T-squares, set squares, protractors, pencils cases etc.

TCI – We import and distribute the TAURUS brand set squares, protractors and other drawing instruments from New Zealand.

BOSTIK FINDLEY – Supplies us with BLU TACK products and CLAG GLUE products.


OXFORD – We have well established the name “OXFORD” through the exercise books. We carry an extensive range of exercise books that caters the requirements of the education system in Fiji. We have been extremely successful with this range due to its quality and appearance of the product.

XPRESS – We locally manufacture Photocopying paper and DVD under this brand. This is initiative taken by JKL to support Government’s initiative to support “FIJIAN MADE”.

WRAP & MOVE – Under this brand, we have recently start to manufacture Stretch Wrap for machine and hand use. We have invested into a state of the art machine to ensure our product is of the highest standards.

TAG PEN – We locally manufacture tag pens in customized brands for our customers. This is only for our export market. We export to New Zealand, Australia, USA, Thailand, South Africa, Slovakia, France and South America.

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