Janty Kanvan believes in giving back to the community of which we are a part, and to ensure its sustainability.

Our position as one of Fiji’s leading wholesalers and retailers of stationery, printing supplies and paper has also brought along with it some responsibilities that encourage us to achieve excellence in all facades of our work.

Few projects that we have been actively part of:


Janty Kanvan has been a part of Pinktober program since 2015 which has been administered by Fiji Cancer Society. Each year, for every ream of XP pink photocopy paper sold in the month of October, 15 cents is contributed towards the Fiji Cancer Society.

We are very much honoured to be part of a worthy course and we will continue to provide our continuing assistance to the Fiji Cancer society in the years to come and work together to address and counter this issue.

Educational Support

Regardless of whether it is helping skilled youngsters with school charges, or empowering them by method for supporting prizes at Primary/Secondary level, at Janty Kanvan we trust that the foundation of any general public is the training of kids who at that point have a more noteworthy capacity to realize positive changes for what’s to come.

Nothing delights us more than to observe their grinning faces as they get ready for the new school year, and we will proceed with this activity for quite a long time to come.

Janty Kanvan has been also been in partnership with the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation for the last 3 years support the less fortunate school children by providing them with over 200 stationery pack for Back to School.

Our Contributions

Janty Kanvan was privileged to donate a 32-seater school bus to The Frank Hilton Organization. Children with disabilities often face hardship when it comes to transport to and from their homes to school. Since its inception in the 1960’s, the Frank Hilton Organization has taken this in to consideration and provides transport to children depending on their need. To date, over 60 children receive transport on a daily basis. The new bus will enable the organization to provide transport to an additional number of children to attend our schools.


Not only we have been associated with giving back to the community academically, socially but also have been showing our support towards sports in Fiji. We have showed our support towards the bodybuilding sport in Fiji

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