Janty Enterprises Limited (JEL) began its operations in September 1995. JEL’s core business was the manufacturing of BiC gas lighters and wholesale of BiC ballpoint pens and disposable shavers along with other various types of stationery items.

On 24 January 2011 JEL purchased Kanvan Papers Limited who was then the leading agents for Paper One Blue & Green Photocopy Papers. After the takeover, the company is known as JANTY KANVAN LTD (JKL).

JKL’s management have been in business for twenty years now and with our experience and expertise we are the largest wholesalers of stationery and paper products in Fiji. We estimate our market share to be 70% within the core paper and stationary business


We supply to Fiji’s leading bookstores including the Government owned Post Fiji Limited and leading supermarkets like Morris Hedstrom, R.B. Patel Group Limited, New World Limited and Shop N Save.

One of our biggest customers is C.J. Patel Limited. They are our distributors for BIC shavers and lighters and are the largest distribution company in the region. They distribute most of our products to the wholesale & retail market and “mum and dad” stores Fiji wide.

Our products are both manufactured locally and imported for sale in Fiji. We are one of the largest manufacturers of photocopying paper, DVD and tag pens in the South Pacific region.  However, we do export goods to other Pacific Islands, namely Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea and East Timor and other countries such as New Zealand, USA, France, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore and UK.

We have dealt with the Government Departments and other non-government organization in Fiji. Government Supplies and other corporate tenders have been awarded to us on most occasions whereby we have supplied them various types of stationery items, and photocopy paper.

  • 70

    Over 70 Employees

  • 15

    Over 15 Brands

  • 65%

    Over 65% Market Share

  • Regions

    Distributing in the South Pacific, US , Asian and European regions

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